The ILEE Wellness program began in the fall of 2017 with a Wellness BINGO Challenge. Of our 600+ employees throughout 11 communities, we had 101 participants from 10 communities, and we raffled off a TV! This time, we're stepping it up, literally. As Fitbits and other fitness trackers have come into popularity, you often hear people talking about walking a certain step goal a day. Keeping up with this trend, our spring 2018 Wellness challenge is a step challenge, encouraging employees to walk as many steps as they can each day. 

US National Parks Trip.png

The Goal:
14,500 Miles

That's how many miles it would take to walk to all of the national parks on the US map, starting in Denver, CO.

Don't worry! We're doing this as a team. If we have 125 participants who walk 8,000 steps per day, we can easily reach this goal. As an added incentive, if we reach 14,500 miles in the month of May, each active participant will receive an ILEE Wellness t-shirt! 

How does it work?

You will fill out the sign up form after clicking on the "sign up" button. We will then send you an email to sign up for our team on Count It, a step tracking program that syncs to your phone or fitness tracker (check out some inexpensive options below). It will calculate your steps and show you where you stand on the leader board and how many steps we've walked as a team.

More prizes than last time!


Grand Prize:
The Newest iPad!

The person who walks the most steps in the month of May wins a BRAND NEW 9.7 inch iPad with case!


Raffle Prize:
Smart Watch

We know that for some of us it's hard to reach 8,000 steps daily. You can earn multiple entries into the raffle drawing by completing opportunities on the ILEE Employee Wellness Facebook group. 

Click here to join the Facebook group

*Not photo of actual Smart Watch


Mystery Prizes

If you can't keep up with the overall top performer, don't fret, we will also be awarding awesome prizes to other top performers across all facilities. 


Highest Participation

The facility with the highest percent of participation will receive a plaque and bragging rights. Make sure your coworkers participate!

Click here to join the Facebook group


So what are you waiting for? SIGN UP! You're already walking around at work, you might as well earn prizes for it!

Fitness Tracker Options

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

Compatible with Android and Apple devices using the Mi Fit app.


Misfit Trackers

Currently 50% off certain styles.  


UP2 by Jawbone

Compatible with Android and Apple devices.