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April 29 - May 26


This springtime BINGO wellness challenge includes facets that touch on all aspects of wellness. It will include physical and mental health activities, ILEE and financial exercises. Active participants will receive a t-shirt with this season’s design.

How does it work?

Each week, you will pick up a new SPRINGO BINGO card from your Wellness Champion. Gameplay is just like traditional BINGO, you will track your activities on your card by crossing out squares for everyone you complete. You can get a BINGO by completing activities in a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. There is no limit to how many BINGOs you can get. At the end of the week, turn your BINGO card back into your Wellness Champion and get the next week’s card.

SPRINGO BINGO will last 4 weeks. As the challenge goes on, the value of each BINGO increases. Week 1, a BINGO is worth 1 point. Week 2, they’re worth 2 points each, and so on. The more BINGOs you get, the more points you earn, the higher your chances are for winning 1 of the 4 the weekly prizes!

Bonus points are available by completing the week’s Eat Well, Be Well challenge which focuses on nutrition. Complete the task every day that week and you will earn 5 bonus points toward the prize drawing of your choosing!

Don’t forget to join the ILEE Employee Wellness Facebook group if you haven’t already. Turn on post notifications so you don’t miss out! There will be additional tasks to complete that will earn you entries into more fun drawings.


Wellness Champions

Axiom Healthcare Services
Madison Osoba

Avita Senior Living at Rolling Hills
Rhonda Brack

Derby Assisted Living
Donna May

Derby Health & Rehab
Kristi Armstrong

Family Health & Rehab
Jessica Rutledge

Flatirons Health & Rehab
Stacey Love

Nottingham Health & Rehab
Tonya Everley

Reeds Cove Health & Rehab
Jamie McGaha

St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital, Olathe
Tonya Everley

St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital, Wichita
Jamie McGaha



SPRINGO BINGO will set the new record for prizes. Instead of a Grand Prize at the end of the challenge, we are raffling off 3 prizes and 1 mystery prize EVERY WEEK! Prizes range from $50-$250. For the first time, you will have the choice which prize drawings you want your points to go towards. Every BINGO card will have a theme: Outdoors, Electronics, Kitchen, and Springtime.

How does it work? Example: You get 3 BINGOs in week 1, totaling 3 points. At the bottom of your BINGO card, you have the option to put your 3 points into one or more of the drawings. You can put all 3 in one drawing or 1 in 3 different drawings, the choice is up to you! If you do not choose a drawing, the Axiom Wellness Committee will divide your points up into the different drawings.