What is the Wellness Climb?

It’s a twist on the classic game of “Chutes and Ladders”, except there are no chutes, just a climb to the Wellness Grand Prize. You have an opportunity to win prizes on your way to the top. You have two weeks to complete the climb. Are you up for the challenge?

How does it work?

The Climb begins Monday, November 4. Everyone will receive their own game-board. You will obtain this either from your Wellness Champion or by printing it out from this web-page, click the “Download Game-board” button at the top of the page. On the back of the game-board there are wellness activities with a corresponding number. These numbers represent how many “move forward” spaces that activity is worth. It’s up to you to be strategic on when you complete these activities. Not only do you want to work your way to the top of the board, but you want to land on the spaces that earn you entries into prize drawings along the way. You must land on the space to earn an entry, not simply pass it on the board. Once you’ve landed on the space, circle it on the board. That’s our indicator that you are entered into that prize drawing.

There are 6 ladders on the game-board that you can use. The ladder tasks are harder and you will miss prize drawing opportunities, but you will get to the top faster.

It’s important to note that you can only complete each wellness activity once.

When is it over?

The Climb ends Monday, November 18. You will turn in your game board to your Wellness Champion or email it directly to jsauber@axmservices.com. The deadline to turn in game-boards is Thursday, November 21.

These boards will enter you into the drawings you landed on. It is important to turn them in.

Winners will be announced on the “ILEE Employee Wellness” Facebook group. Be sure to join!


What’s the scoop on prizes?

Prizes were either donated by an Axiom Healthcare Services or Compassionate Healthcare Providers vendor or purchased by the ILEE Wellness Committee. No prizes will be taxed. Prizes will be drawn for after all Wellness cards have been turned in the last week of November before Thanksgiving.

Wellness Champions

Axiom Healthcare Services
Madison Osoba

Avita Senior Living at Rolling Hills
Rhonda Brack

Derby Assisted Living
Amber Parrish

Derby Health & Rehab
Andy Kuehn

Family Health & Rehab
Jessica Rutledge

Flatirons Health & Rehab
Megan Royal and Malinda Murray

Nottingham Health & Rehab
Elizabeth Leroy

Reeds Cove Health & Rehab
Jamie McGaha and Corwin Henry

St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital, Olathe
Elizabeth Leroy

St. Anthony’s Senior Care Hospital, Wichita
Melissa Fitzwater