Derby Facilities Receive Zero Deficiency Surveys

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Both Derby Health & Rehab and Derby Assisted Living received zero deficiencies on surveys based on standards and regulations set by the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS).

Having zero deficiencies on a survey is a HUGE accomplishment.

What is survey? It is a surprise visit by surveyors that checks over records, quality of patient and resident care, cleanliness of the environment of care, appropriate food handling practices, documentation done by nurses, and so much more. It is a stressful time for staff when surveyors are in the building. The only way to be prepared for a survey is to always be prepared for surveyors to walk into the building.

Derby Assisted Living has had three consecutive surveys end in zero deficiencies.

Congratulations to the teams at these two facilities for continuously providing patients and residents with an outstanding quality of care.

You can learn more about Derby Health and Rehab and Derby Assisted Living on their websites. To learn more about CMS standards and regulations visit