From Humble, But Noble Beginnings

Axiom Healthcare Management, LLC’s story begins in the great city of Wichita, KS. It, and several other companies, was part of the brainchild of three pioneering entrepreneurs: Mr. Fred Hermes, Mr. Matt Lillie and Dr. Greg Lakin. Being long-time friends and with connections to the senior care profession, they saw a substantial need that was not being met by the marketplace…namely, innovative and world class Senior Housing and Care. Unsatisfied with the typical, “vanilla” Long Term Care housing design and model, these talented, creative minds and motivated, passionate visionaries set out on a journey to develop something truly innovative and something driven by consumer desire. Several years later, and with the help of community investors, Family Health and Rehabilitation Center, LLC sprung to life with much deserved fanfare. To the delight of its residents and families, this completely innovative physical plant design revolutionized Skilled Nursing Home care in the market and continues to deliver unprecedented customer experiences even to this day.

The following year, they improved on the original model and with the help of additional investors, designed and built Derby Health and Rehabilitation Center, LLC. Not resting on their laurels and realizing there was also an under met need for assisted living in the market, they, with other physicians and healthcare investors, built the amazing West Wichita Assisted Living, LLC (dba Avita Rolling Hills) and Derby Assisted Living, LLC. Pushing themselves even further, they went back to the drawing board and delivered on an even more impressive and larger design that eventually came to be Reeds Cove Health and Rehabilitation Center, LLC.

During the above timeline, the three original pioneers also realized that building innovative, world class physical plant designs was not going to be enough. There also needed to be a company that would help manage and serve the communities so that the care and services matched the breath-taking structures that these customers lived and employees worked in. Thus, Axiom Healthcare Management, LLC was created to fill this need.

It is worth noting that the word Axiom actually means “a self-evident truth.” The founders of the company named it so because Axiom represents and communicates that we are in the business of building trust. It is self-evident that we must develop an uncompromising trust with the patients and residents, their families, the staff and the community at large if true success is to be achieved and earned.

What Got You Here Will Not Get You There!

Realizing that they were really on to something truly special, it became indisputable that these pioneers had a calling to bring this gift to areas outside of Wichita. With passion and excitement running through their veins with every breath they took, they knew a plan had to be created that would allow them to scale their vision to ever growing markets. They collaborated with a company called Next Element that coaches executives in situations similar to theirs. Through this relationship, they decided to focus their personal and professional energies on development and design and to search the country over for a President and Chief Operating Officer to take over the operations side of the companies.

After six months of searching and considering over 50 applicants, they placed their trust in Mr. Chance Becnel.  Chance had over 20 years of Healthcare Executive experience and he took over the helm of Axiom on November 5, 2012. Realizing that the “corporate” model was not the most effective culture to scale and grow a company, Chance completely turned Axiom on its head and recreated it into a company that is laser focused on serving Senior Care Communities in a way that helps them to truly be successful.  Shifting towards the mission for Axiom, “We Serve!  You Succeed!”, he led the company away from a management mindset to a servicing spirit.  This major shift had far-reaching effects, so much so, that the company officially and legally was renamed from Axiom Healthcare Management, LLC to Axiom Healthcare Services, LLC.