Feels like a family

“To me, culture is creating and shaping an environment that makes everyone feel as if he or she is part of a family.”



Axiom's culture can best be summed up as "we take what we do very serious...without taking ourselves too serious!".

And what is it that we do that we take so seriously? In a nutshell, "we serve in a way that leads to our client's success!"

Axiom's culture is filled with passionate individuals who respond to a deep calling to serve others and to be a part of something bigger than themselves. Where egos are put on the shelf and service excellence is put on a pedestal. Where the spirit of gratitude and humility run high and courage and perseverance in tough times ring true. It's a place where laughter often fills the halls and love is never in short supply. Where people can be themselves, get very important work done and have a blast while doing it. It's a place where failing forward is expected as we experiment, innovate and test our creative juices. And where the achievement of world class results by our clients balanced with the importance of how that journey is made.

And what makes all of this possible? It is our employees' commitment to live by the following Guiding Virtues:

Guiding Virtues

  1. I inspire Faith, Hope and Love
  2. I build Trusting and Meaningful Relationships
  3. I make it Safe so there is Peace of Mind
  4. I am Enthusiastic, Playful and Fun
  5. I am Creative and Innovative
  6. I embrace and Inspire Positive Change
  7. I build a Positive Team with Spirit
  8. I pursue Growth and Learning
  9. I am Responsible and Follow Through
  10. I Practice Humility and Compassion
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